About Our Company

The Newell Company, Inc. is a sales agency and equipment integrator which provides quality material, component and equipment solutions. With over 60+ years experience we have developed strong relationships with our manufacturers, production partners and customers.  

Our Specialties include but are not limited to:    

EQUIPMENT PACKAGING - Complete integration of electrical gear, energy storage and engine generator sets into highly customized packages. Custom electrical arrangements, UL listed solutions, fire protection, sound attenuation, high fuel capacity, custom switchgear, work stations, and more. We can integrate all of this into your solution.

COMPLETE PROCESS SKIDS - Prefabricated cooling and control skids for remote radiator applications as well as advanced Co-generation applications.  This complete turnkey solution is intended to remove field labor hours and have greater product control.

COOLING - Radiators, heat exchangers, heat recovery and thermostatic control for on engine and remote cooling for custom and OEM applications.

EXHAUST GAS AFTERTREATMENT - Product controlling all types of exhaust gas emission including sound as well as engine emissions. Silencers, catalysts and particulate filters.    

POWER DISTRIBUTION - Switchgear, Breaker cabinets, as well as custom electrical control solutions.

LUBE OIL SYSTEM - Engine oil leveling controls and storage tanks. Single chamber, dual chamber, double wall tanks, with or without pumps and controls.